Addiction Counseling Practices *NEW

Addiction Counseling Practices

10 Hours

This course is intended to help peer supporters, recovery support specialists, peer recovery coaches, clinical counselors and other helping professionals to understand concepts specific to addiction counseling in a clinical setting.

In today’s Addiction Recovery paradigm, addiction services are provided by multi-disciplinary teams. These teams are made up of various clinical professionals along with peer supporters who collaborate with their clients and work with each other and the greater community. Their shared goal is to provide effective treatment and holistic care that lead to long term recovery outcomes.

As members of the treatment team, peer supporters may be called upon to assist at any phase of the treatment and recovery process, from intake to treatment planning to discharge to aftercare. Although people in various peer recovery support roles will not be directly delivering clinical counseling services, it is important to establish clarity for both counselors and those in peer support roles. This course is designed to clarify terminology and roles for all members of the treatment team in the clinical setting. The resources we have chosen for this course are from agencies that have helped to define standards for best practices in treatment as well as the scope of practice for professional roles within the field of addiction and behavioral health.

Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 10 Hours Total

Professional Readiness / Treatment Planning

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Addiction Counseling Practices (Selected Readings included with course).