Addictive Patterns

Addictive Patterns

10 Hours

You will have an enhanced ability to understand the process of addiction, help others to recognize their addictive behaviors and present the way to recovery as outlined in the text.

As you begin to read and study the text, The Addictive Personality, it is important to quickly understand Craig Nakken’s intent. The author clearly describes what happens to the personality once an individual becomes addicted to the “object or event of choice” (chemicals, food, sex, gambling, shopping, etc.). Once addiction takes hold, it creates an addictive persona. That persona completely replaces the personality of the addicted person. It dominates the life of that person, is predictable in its behavior patterns, and it will lead to death. Learn how millions of people experience real recovery.

  1. Review the addiction process, including predictable behaviors, cycles and stages.
  2. Differentiate between the three types of highs.
  3. Understand the drives that lead to internal changes which signal Stage One Addiction.  
  4. Recognize the lifestyle changes and breakdown that happens through the stages of addiction.
  5. Understand the importance of the search for connection and meaning that underlies the recovery process.
  6. Review the types of families involved in the addictive process.


Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 10 Hours Total
Understanding Addiction / Client Education

Required TextbookNakken, C. (1996, 2009). The Addictive Personality, 2nd Ed. Center City, MN: Hazelden.

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