Adolescent Substance Abuse

Adolescent Substance

10 Hours
Substance abuse can disrupt a young person's ability to adequately meet developmental tasks and can impair identity development which is a central theme of adolescence. 

Sustained drug use will likely interfere with the demands and roles of late adolescence and early adulthood, including reaching achievement in dating, marriage, bearing and raising children, establishing a career, and building personally rewarding social connections. Adolescents differ from adults both physiologically and emotionally as they make the transition from child to adult and, thus, require treatment adapted to their needs. The onset of substance use is occurring at younger ages, resulting in more adolescents entering treatment for substance use disorders than has been observed in the past. Materials include screening and assessment tools, tips on motivational interviewing, consent forms, detoxification details, developmental stages and more.

Areas: 10 hours Addiction
Foundations: 10 hours Understanding Addiction (FUA)

Required Text: Included with course