Neurochemistry & Addiction *NEW

Uppers, Downers & All Arounders


15 Hours

You will appreciate the historical context in which psychoactive drugs have been discovered, used, abused, taxed and regulated. Students will also learn how psychoactive drugs are classified, how they affect people and recognize how individuals move from abuse to addiction.

Patterns of Abuse and Treatment *NEW

Patterns of Abuse and Treatment

15 Hours

You will learn concepts of prevention by a review of its history, methods and current challenges. Patterns of drug use will be examined starting from the effects of drugs on babies in the womb, to youth and adolescent use, to adult work place and military use, and finally to use and abuse patterns of the elderly.

Power of Prevention *Revised

Power of Prevention

10 Hours
This course will give an overview of the factors that put children and adolescents at risk for substance abuse.  You will learn risk factors, prevention factors and levels of evidence for using this information with families. 

Street Drugs Overview

Street Drugs

5 Hours
The course resource provides practical full color photos of the actual drugs, stages of production, statistical charts and evidence of damage done to the human body. The text is a resource for many occupations and work environments such as schools, recovery programs, law enforcement and medical settings.

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