Ethics: Addiction Counseling

Ethics:  Addiction Counseling

10 Hours  

This course includes topics include the therapeutic relationship, harm reduction, co-occurring disorders, cultural and spiritual dimensions of treatment, as well as women, children and adolescents in treatment.

Caring for people living with addictions requires a high standard of ethical knowledge and professional skill. This course addresses the wide range of ethical issues inherent in all steps identified within the scope of practice for addiction professionals and found in recovery support services. The course examines ethical foundations and the therapeutic relationship within substance abuse treatment. The ethics of harm reduction will be looked at, as well as ethical issues in the treatment of persons with co-occurring disorders. Cultural and spiritual dimensions of addiction treatment will be discussed, as well as forensic issues in the treatment of addictions. Finally, ethical issues in the treatment of women, children and adolescents will be examined.

Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 10 hours Counseling
Ethical Responsibility

Required TextbookGeppert and Roberts (2008). The Book of Ethics, Expert Guidance for Professionals Who Treat Addiction. Center City, MN: Hazelden Foundation.


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