Life Model *Revised

Life Model

10 Hours

The student will be given an expanded understanding of how people are created with the God given ability to recover from the wounds and tragedies of life.

Holistic Recovery is based on a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model.  The Life Model encompasses the human experience from birth to death.  It gives practical guidance on how to maximize each stage of life and minimize blocks that prevent living life to the fullest.   The Life Model is unique in that it lays out the brain science behind the power of joy as the basis of bonding, attachment, human growth, development, and recovery from trauma and addiction.   The model includes a grid for understanding the trauma that occurs when needs are not met, and how to help people when they are “stuck” in various stages of maturity.  This is valuable because addiction is a developmental disorder.  We have included this Christian Resource in our Training program in recognition of the thousands of Christian organizations around the world who provide addiction care and resources to hurting people.


  • Wholeness:  The challenges of living in a fractured world and the necessity of spiritual family and community.
  • Maturity:  What it takes to move through the various stages, brokenness and the Transformation Cycle, bonds and attachment.
  • Recovery:  Brain function and trauma, Type A & B trauma, and the role of Joy.
  • Belonging:  Spiritual adoption and what it looks like.
  • Knowing your heart:  Understanding the difference between your heart and the ‘sark’ and the battle between them.
  • What the Church looks like under the Life Model. 

Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 10 Hours Total
Counseling / Client Education

Required Textbook: The Life Model, Revised 2000 -R, James E. Wilder

This textbook can be ordered from this website