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  • NET Recovery Care Association (NRCA) was established in 2005 to better serve the needs of NET Training Institute’s (NTI’s) students, alumni, instructors, supporters and other individuals and organizations involved in addiction and recovery services.
  • NRCA functions as a trade or professional association to provide our members with access to resources within our membership site:
  • NRCA supports staff development through continuing education, online training, and custom webinars.

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Membership offers you a way to “Turn Your Passion into Service”

NRCA Membership Benefits include:

  • NRCA members benefit from a 30% discount on NET Institute Online Individual Courses, Training Materials and Events that meets professional standards for continuing education.
  • The opportunity to be featured on our website and in our communications.
  • NRCA members are eligible to apply, or nominate others, for Recovery Hero Scholarships.
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The NET Recovery Care Association (NRCA)/ IAPRC Scholarship Committee holds and administers certain Funds for the purpose of making grants to selected individuals, and/or to designated individuals within selected organizations, to enable them to participate in NET Training Institute and Int’l Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC) educational programs.

Scholarship Grants made from such Funds shall be referred to as “Scholarship Grants” or “Recovery Heroes Scholarship Grants”. The Scholarship Committee also holds and administers certain Funds that make grants to individuals in recognition of achievement in the addiction / recovery field through education, public or community service, or for other charitable or civic achievement.

Eligible individuals may include (but are not limited to) Addiction and Prevention Professionals, Mental Health Professionals, Peer or Professional Recovery Coaches, Peer Specialists, people who serve in Recovery Support programs or ministries, transitional living programs, homeless shelters, family and youth programs, support group programs, prison outreaches, and other “hands on” programs. Scholarships also may be awarded to pay for a specific program of study. Such scholarships may cover all or part of the cost of tuition (books are not included).

Selection of Scholarship Recipients

Recipients are selected on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis. Scholarship Awards are granted based upon the availability of funds. When funds are available, a designated member of the Scholarship Committee will publicize the availability of the Scholarship Funds. Individuals and organizations may be asked to submit applications and/or nominations of potential candidates or organizations for consideration who meet the scholarship selection criteria noted below. Organizations that receive Scholarship Grants may designate specific individuals to use the scholarship.

Criteria for Selection

The criteria to be used in selecting scholarship recipients from the Scholarship Fund accomplish the underlying mission and purpose of the NET Training Institute’s NET Recovery Care Association (NRCA) and the IAPRC.

Scholarship criteria for individuals or organizations may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Membership in the NET Recovery Care Association (NRCA) and/or IAPRC
  • Prior or current commitment to addiction and/or recovery support education or training
  • Prior or current addiction, recovery support or community-related volunteer, work experience or performance
  • Recommendations from associates, colleagues, mentors, co-workers, pastors, supervisors, instructors, or any others who have knowledge of the individual or organizational applicant’s capabilities
  • The individual’s or organization’s past or current achievements and community involvements
  • Future addiction-related personal, career, professional or organizational goals and objectives

In connection with scholarship grants to individuals working in areas, or to achieve a specific objective that relates to the NRCA and/or IAPRC mission, recipients may include graduate students, scholars, professionals or other individuals with specialized skills or knowledge.

Criteria shall be related to the purpose of the Scholarship Fund under which the scholarship award is established and may include:

  • Prior experience
  • Contributions to the field
  • Demonstrated academic achievement
  • Financial need
  • Character, ability, motivation and potential
  • The NET Recovery Care Association / IAPRC Scholarship Committee reserves the right to impose additional, minor reasonable restrictions and/or requirements upon the awarding of Individual or Organizational scholarship awards and the administration of such grants. Any substantial or material changes will be made only with approval of the NET Training Institute’s Board of Directors.
  • Preference may be given to applicants of a particular sex, race, ethnic background or religion so long as such preference does not violate state / federal law or public policy.
  • NRCA members are eligible to apply, or nominate others, for Recovery Hero Scholarships.