Fostering My Beautiful Brain

2 hrs | $19.97

Learn alcohol’s effects, the neurochemistry of tolerance and withdrawal, and the social and legal consequences of abuse and alcohol addiction.

Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 2 Hours Total
Addiction and the Brain / Pharmacology / Understanding

Listen to the voices of recovering users, top alcohol researchers, and treatment professionals as they explore the emotional and physical reasons for drinking, the craving, plus the role genetics and environment plays, as well as strategies for treatment and recovery.

This video is divided into two parts: Overview & Effects, plus Addiction, Other Programs & Treatments. It describes alcohol’s effects based on blood alcohol levels and length of use; the neurochemistry of tolerance and withdrawal; the social and legal consequences of drinking, and its toxic effect on a developing fetus.


The Video is included with the course.


You will promote the benefits to clients in alignment with this quote by Dr. Daryl Inaba, “My own experiences have convinced me that accurate non-judgmental and comprehensive knowledge about psychoactive drugs and their effects is the most effective method of preventing substance abuse problems.”


  • Understand the physiology of Absorption, Distribution, and Metabolism of Alcohol and the concept of Blood Alcohol Level.
  • Compare and contrast the five levels of alcohol use.
  • Understand the role of tolerance and withdrawal and the development of alcoholism.
  • Learn the effects of chronic long term high use of Alcohol on the brain and body.