Online Training from the NET Institute

Peer Specialists are people who are recovering from mental illness, addiction or trauma who desire to help others find their path to recovery.

To meet the growing demand for Peer Specialists across the nation, we have created a full 40 hours of online training to introduce you to the role of a Peer Recovery Specialist and/or Peer Supporter. This course is designed to acquaint you with the knowledge and skills in this new area of service.

Now, for the first time, you will have access to affordable, practical, self- paced courses covering all of the major content areas you need to prepare for this rewarding new role of service.


This training is for Veterans who are seeking to become a Peer Specialist and who desire the knowledge that will enhance their own understanding and experience. You will be prepared to “stand shoulder to shoulder” and provide support services to other “Vets” receiving mental health, substance abuse, or trauma services in a public or private setting.

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This training is designed to prepare people who are in personal recovery from a mental illness to provide support services to help other adults in their recovery. You will discover powerful resources to equip you to be effective in safely supporting people who are receiving mental health services.

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This program is designed for anyone desiring to work with individuals in recovery from drug, alcohol and/or other addictions and would be valuable additional training for those who may already work as a Peer Specialist.

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