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A new perspective on the science of pain recovery from opiate addiction. Interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals illustrate the challenges of opioids and offers a message of hope.

Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 1 Hour Total

“This video presents a fresh perspective on the science of pain and how it influences recovery
from opioid dependency. The content focuses on a new paradigm for understanding chronic pain, showing how the extended use of prescription painkillers increases the sensitivity of the nerve cells thereby magnifying pain (hyperalgesia, hyperpathia, alodynia.)

Interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals illustrate the challenges opiate addiction creates and presents a message of hope and encouragement for clients to examine recovery in light of this new view of treating dependency and pain.” CNS Productions


The Video is included with the course.


gain an understanding of the impact of opiate addiction on individuals through personal testimonies and will also gain insight into how these drugs effect the brain and cause an unyielding cycle of needing more and more of the drug for less and less desirable effects.


  • Recognize signs of opiate addiction.
  • Understand chemical processes of the brain when influenced by opiate painkillers.
  • Differentiate between the three phases of achieving drug abstinence.
  • Review effective recovery tools used to break opioid dependence.