“A place of work in which the employer establishes, maintains, and continually enhances a culture and work environment inclusive and supportive of employees in recovery from, or otherwise affected by, substance use disorders.”

Is Florida Ready To Embrace The Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative?

State of Florida funding has been distributed to cities, counties and a variety to State Agencies to address the addiction crisis in Florida. With such a large and diverse state, there are multiple well deserving programs and approaches for dealing with the devastating impact addiction is having on our workforce, communities, and families.

The Recovery Friendly Workplace approach has been highly successful in New Hampshire and has produced proven results for employers and for those in recovery. With the current White House support of this nationwide initiative, and with the existence of funding from the Opioid settlement, Florida is well positioned to actively engage with this initiative, but to succeed it must be supported at all levels of leadership, both public and private.

The NET Training Institute, Inc., a 501 (C3) organization, has expressed interest in becoming the designated agency in Florida for coordination, administration and certification of the RFW initiative for the State of Florida. With the support of state and local leadership, the business community, and the community of practice, NET Institute will host the FLORIDA Recovery Friendly Workforce and seek adequate funding to produce a center of excellence for Florida’s participation in this nationwide initiative.

What is a Recovery Friendly Workplace?

A business or organization that…

  • Is equipped with knowledge, information, tools, and resources about SUD and recovery to help employers effectively prevent and respond to substance use in the workforce
  • Recognizes stigma associated with SUD and recovery and uses education, discussion, and trainings to address and challenge that stigma
  • Has equitable acknowledgment, and accompanying procedures and policies, that treats SUD and recovery as other chronic health conditions are treated
  • Provides support for employees seeking to find, or maintain, recovery, or seeking resources for their loved ones
  • Establishes a culture of comfortability when there is a need for support services, whether for themselves or their loved ones, that eliminates some of the fear with coming forward
  • Is Certified
award badge

Benefits of being a Recovery Friendly Workplace

Stay informed and download the Recovery Friendly Workplace Definition and 2024 National Certification Standards

Vision: To develop a comprehensive and collaborative center of excellence to efficiently and effectively administer the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative throughout the State of Florida.

Mission: To increase awareness of the need for implementing a Recovery Friendly Workplace and to accelerate the delivery of resources and services to those companies withing Florida wishing to engage with the RFW Initiative.