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Wellness Training to Prevent Addiction & Increase Effectiveness

What We Do 


We deliver workplace wellness and personal lifestyle training to prevent addiction, increase organizational effectiveness, and return a great ROI.

Program Content

Our programs include a free introduction plus leadership, management, and employee training that changes lives and improves businesses.

Integrated Program

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend an integrated, multi-level program which can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of your company.

Individual Offerings

A wide range of seminars, consulting, and coaching services are available and can be acquired individually in a flexible, modular fashion.

Why It Matters 

The Industry

There are massive gaps in the workplace programs available for mental health, wellness, addiction, and leadership and employee development.


Virtually no organizations focus on the prevention of addiction or provide a holistic program that addresses the deeper issues affecting teams.


As well as helping prevent addiction and improve the effectiveness of all employees, our programs can help save lives, families, and careers.


You can increase employee productivity, reduce turnover expenses, lower medical costs, and reduce problems from accidents and incidents.

Who We Are

NET Training Institute

NET Training Institute helps students achieve their unique goals, including:

  • Personal Enrichment, Personal Recovery, Concern for Friends and Family
  • Training for Nonprofit Leadership and Pastoral Care
  • Career advancement through Professional Development and Certification
  • Relevant Information on Trends and Best Practices in Addiction and Recovery

Dr Jean LaCour

Dr. Jean LaCour is founder and CEO of NET Institute Center for Addiction and Recovery Education. She has traveled to twenty four nations over the past twenty years and trained thousands of people like you who share a passion for relieving the suffering caused by addiction.

Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems

Our program includes methodologies and content from Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems (OWLS), an industry leading company whose mission is: “Catalyzing healthy work cultures from the inside out with science.”
Evidence-based OWLS programs were cited in the U.S. Surgeon General’s report on “Facing Addiction in America” (2016) as the only ones that met their criteria for effectiveness for workplace prevention.